Medication Administration

In accordance with the School District of Grand Island Board Policy 8514, written consent from parent/guardian is required prior to medication administratiion at school.  This requirement is accomplished by completion of the “Parent Consent for Medication” form (see below) each school year.

Medications administered at the school must be provided by the parent/guardian in the original container along with instructions for administration.  No more than a 30 day supply of a prescription medication should be sent to school.   All medications administered must be properly documented on the student’s record.

Medications will be administered during school hours only when necessary.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to administer medications at home if at all possible.  Most antibiotics prescribed daily, twice daily or three times daily can be given effectively at home.  Most psychoactive medication prescribed once or twice daily should be given at home. 

When medications are administered and documented by school personnel other than the school nurse, those individuals are required to have the training mandated by the Nebraska Medication Aide Act.

Medications that are not FDA approved, including but not limited to herbal remedies, dietary supplements and naturopathic medicines, will not be administered by school district nurses or personnel.

Prescription medications will be administered as labeled.  Should a dose or frequency change, the parent/guardian must supply a new prescription container with changes made on the label by the pharmaist.  

Any time the nurse has questions or concerns regarding prescription medication, the prescribing physician/health care provider will be consulted.  

All medications left at school after students are dismissed for the summer will be destroyed.  This includes all over-the-counter and prescription medications.

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