Gifted & Talented


Every Student, Every Day, A Success

In order to meet this commitment, the Grand Island Public Schools will provide Gifted & Talented with educational experiences that challenge their individual development and foster continued growth. This will be accomplished through the following components:

  • a partnership of student, family, school, and community;
  • clearly defined criteria for identification and continued participation in the G&T program; and
  • a diverse range of rigorous educational opportunities.


Grand Island Public Schools recognizes that students have opportunities at school and in the community to develop specific talents in the areas of creativity, leadership, intellectual capacity, visual and performing arts, and specific academic fields. However, GIPS will identify learners with high ability as students who show evidence of high performance ability in intellectual and academic areas. G&T will be:

  • monitored for progress;
  • introduced to career and college opportunities based on area of academic strength;
  • engaged in a rigorous curriculum supported by stakeholders;
  • provided with opportunities to collaborate with like-minded learners; and
  • provided with social/emotional support for characteristics specific to G&T.

G&T will be identified based on academic area(s) of strength and monitored through the Response to Intervention (RtI) Process:

  • The RtI team may include parents, teachers, students, integration specialists, counselors, para-professionals, psychologists, administrators, and community members.
  • A collected body of evidence, to include multiple sources of data that demonstrates exceptional development, will proceed throughout enrollment in GIPS using the RtI process.
  • RtI Tier 1 interventions will be implemented by the classroom teacher with support from the RtI Team.
  • Tier 2 interventions will be developed and implemented by the RtI Team.
  • Tier 3 interventions will be developed and implemented by the RtI Team and support from external expertise.
  • Student progress and fidelity of implementation will be monitored through the RtI process, using evidence identified by the RtI Team.