Parent Portal Contact Preferences

It is important for users to have up-to-date contact information that can be used by Campus Messenger to distribute timely information to parents.  Users should verify that contact information is correct and then indicate which types of messages should be directed to each phone or email address.  Message types include Emergency, Attendance, Behavior, General Notification, Priority Notification and Teacher.

Please note these preferences are for automated calls that the principal or district personnel would send out.  These preferences do not apply for a live person calling you due to your child being ill, etc. we will call you directly.

  • Emergency:  emergency messages
  • Attendance:  student attendance messages
  • Behavior:  student behavior messages
  • General Notification:  general school or district messages
  • Priority Notification:  high-priority messages sent by the district or school.

Contact Preferences

Please note:  if you have a work number listed and have chosen to receive these calls at work, they will be automated and not directed to a certain person.