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PTA Minutes February 2020

2019-2020 School Year – Newell PTA Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2020


Newell PTA met with the following members present:

Jenny Scott, Nate Balcom, Jennifer Minne, Danielle Dudo, Sebrina Bergmeier, Amanda Rivera, Kelly Allan, Annette Glos, Melissa Tolen


Newell PTA Board Meeting Agenda


      I.                Meeting called to order:

·         President Jenny Scott called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


    II.                Reading and Approval of minutes

·         The minutes from the January meeting were reviewed. 

A motion to approve the January minutes was made by Kelly Allan and seconded by Danielle Dudo


   III.                Treasurer’s Report (Danielle Dudo):

·         A lot of deposits Texas Roadhouse, Scholastic, apparel.   Meals under budget for conference week.  Pancake Man cashed check. Payments for prizes. 

·         Jennifer Minne motion Kelly Allan seconded. 


  IV.                Mr. Balcom’s Principal’s Report: February 2020 

·         Our last bowling night happened in January. Numbers were good despite the weather, and we had a ton of fun.

·         In January, all classroom teachers participated in two days of PLC (Professional Learning Community) professional development with a representative from Solution Tree. 

·         Thanks for the food at Parent Teacher Conferences.

·         Global March Book Madness: Begins March 1. This will be headquartered at Newell, again. It is the seventh year I’ve facilitated the tournament. Over 18,000 students in 37 states, Canada, and Pakistan are registered for this year. Always room for parents and families to sign up. More information here:


Looking Ahead: 

·  February 27 & 28 – Spring Pictures

·  March 1 – Global March Book Madness voting begins

·  March 2 – Report Cards sent home

·  March 5 – 4th Grade Programs

·  March 6 -15 – Spring Break


    V.                PTA Looking Ahead:

·         February 17 – yearbook order forms sent home, due March 20

·         February 18 – Panera Dine to Donate Night 4:00-8:00 pm (20% with flyer)

·         February 28 – Family Fitness Night with Kismet Studio 6:00-7:30 pm – At Newell in the gym.

·         March 2 – Spring City Jump to Donate Night 4:00-8:00 pm

·         March 4 – Spring room parties 12:45-1:45 pm

·         March 13 – High school scholarship applications due

·         March 16 – PTA Meeting 7:00 pm

·         March 17 – Culver’s Dine to Donate Night

·         March 20 – Yearbook order forms due

·         March 27 – FREE Family Movie Night 6:00-9:00 pm


  VI.                Unfinished Business:

·         Sent another email to Nici last week asking about Bylaws update.  


 VII.                New Business

·         McDonald’s Dine to Donate night – not awarded those nights. 

·         Culver’s booked us March 17 – 4:00 to 8:00 pm – four runners for food orders.  10% of money all night go to us.

·         Movie Night – March 27 – Toy Story 4

·         Field day – Mr. Hansen has asked for around $800 to rent items for Field Day.  PTA agreed on $600: football toss inflatable - $200, obstacle course - $350,  - Rockit Pros out of Kearney  

·         Tip the Knight, Plinko, etc. could be used and repurposed for Field Day. For example each number in Plinko could show four pushups, three jumping jacks, jump rope five times, etc. 


Amanda Rivera made a motion to allocate for the following items and Sebrina Bergmeier seconded:

·         $50 for spring Box Tops winners

·         $1,806.54 for T-Shirt Engineers 

·         $840.08 for Scholastic books

·         $14 for postage for Box Tops


VIII.                Parent/Teacher Voice (introductions)

·         Lots of parents have commented they love the fun activities we are offering.  

·         How can we reach parents – other than via Facebook – didn’t get many volunteers for bringing desserts and Book Fair volunteers – sign up genius worked well.  Engleman sends emails directly to PTA parents.   

·         Sign up form in each classroom - Would you like to help out at school? (phone number or email)

·         Anette Glos nominated Newell for a Girl Scout award and we’ve been awarded. 

·         Also a conversation about winter program – thoughts – date – move to before Thanksgiving – change to kind, grateful, blessed, maybe spread it out over nights. 

·         May 18 is the 5th grade program – will look at Walnut due to the number of students.  

·         Option – open gym night – (once a week) 


  IX.                Communications

·         Thank you notes from Mrs. Vanis, Mrs. Dudo and Mrs. Poltack on the meals, books, etc. 


    X.                Committee Chair Report

·         Book Fair – Jennifer Stump

·         $2,707.54  total sales

·         50% - $1,353.77 plus $816.51 reward points

·         Balance $4,677.77 of Scholastic Dollars   

·         We used what was expiring for Mrs. Spilger

·         Only one parent volunteered for the Book Fair

·         Mr. Hansen and Ms. Allan did a book club this year so that may be an option. 


·         Fundraiser – Vice (or President)

·         $159 from Texas Roadhouse

·         $46.39 Apparel order

·         Jenny will ask Fundraiser U about getting the catalog for next year. Still working on that

·         Happy Brush numbers still coming in.  


·         Donations & Prizes – Jenny Scott

·   Yes - Swag table – at movie night

·   An idea - Last minute yearbook sale at Movie night


·         Box Tops – Amanda Rivera, Annette Glos

·         Don’t have the official count - $90 now.  $70 clipping, and $20 online

·         Used $43.00 of Scholastic Dollars for kid prizes in the contest


·         Hospitality/Kitchen – Amy Osborn and Jenny Scott

·         We were under budget by $208.89 for meals

·         Only half of the spots were filled for the dessert spots. 

·         Texas Roadhouse charged $100 for the pork – We ordered extra salad on Tuesday and they gave it to us for free. 

·         They donated the salads!  


·         Membership – Jennifer Minne

·          On hold – waiting on numbers still   


·         Room Parents – Amanda Rivera, Jackie Goosic   

·   Amanda/Jackie shared the date change and will get out a message about parties and when to arrive. 12:45 to 1:45 pm. We also need to be sure Karla knows about the PTA plans for everything we do.  

·   Did hear from some parents they were disappointed that we didn’t have Valentines/Friendship parties.   Staff did confirm that it did take the stress out of the week and it was great for the kids they still had Valentine exchanges.    


·         Yearbook –

·   Forms sent home on February 17 and due back March 20.  (To LAD by April 1)


·         Apparel – Jenny Scott & Sebrina Bergmeier

·   57 orders for spring order - $1,852.93. We had 53 orders in the fall and around $2,600.


  XI.                President Report

·         Next meeting for Next PTA meeting is March 16 at 7:00 pm.


 XII.                Adjournment

·         President Jenny Scott adjourned the meeting at 8:08 pm


Minutes submitted by Sebrina Bergmeier



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