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What is the cut-off date for my child to attend Kindergarten in the fall?

The Nebraska Legislature requires students to be 5 years of age on or before July 31 to qualify for kindergarten entry (LB 1006). Parents or guardians may request the opportunity for their child to be assessed for early entry into kindergarten. This early entry assessment is for children who turn 5 years of age between August 1 and October 15. Parents may obtain a packet of information containing a written request form and accompanying documents from their neighborhood school after January 20. Information must be completed and returned to the Kneale Administration Building, 123 S. Webb Rd. on or before February 10.

How do I know which school my child will attend?

Grand Island Public Schools has one preschool, thirteen elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school. Your child will attend one of these schools based on your home address. Please refer to the boundary maps below to see which school your child would attend. Once you think you know which school your child will attend, please contact the school to set up a time to register your child. If after looking at the maps you are unsure, please feel free to call the Kneale Administration Building at 308-385-5900 and ask for Chris Watson, she will be able to help you out by providing her with your home address.



Where do I go to register my child for school?

To register your child for school, you will go to the school your child will attend. If you have a child in elementary, middle and high school, you will need to go to each school to register them.

What do I need to bring to register my child for school?

When registering your child for school, please bring your child’s birth certificate, immunization record and a phone number for a contact other than yourself in case of emergency.

Is there a recommended school supply list?

Yes, you will be given the recommended school supply list when you register your child for school.  

How do I apply for Free/Reduced Meals?

The school secretary will have a form available for you to fill out at registration.

What programs are offered at the school my child will attend?

A list of programs offered is located on each of our school’s websites. Please feel free to take a look at this information and contact the school’s principal for more information.

Do each of the schools have a Parent/Teacher Organization?

Yes, some of our school’s do have a Parent/Teacher Organization. Please contact the school principal for more information.

Can I get online access to my child's grades?

Yes, at the middle school and high school you can login to our student information system to access your child’s grade and attendance information. Please contact your school secretary to get access to this.

Can I pay online for my child’s lunch account?

Yes, you can pay for your child’s school lunches online using our student information system. Please contact your school secretary to get access to this.