Family/School Compact

Nebraska's NCLB Statewide System of School Support Compact Team

Each Title I school identified as being in need of improvement or corrective action under No Child Left Behind, will have a school support team known as the Accountability Compact Team. The district and NDE will create a compact or agreement to work together to support the identified school. The compact will identify the members of the group, which will, at a minimum include:
• Building principals and school staff, parents, district central office staff including       pupil services personnel

• External support staff (i.e., ESU NCA/Rule 10 external team leaders, representatives of higher education, etc.), and

• NDE staff (i.e., Title I Consultant, NCLB Consolidated Consultant, experts in school improvement and research-based strategies, content areas, technology, etc.)

The Accountability Compact Team (ACT) for Knickrehm Elementary School includes the following:

NAME                                    TITLE
Kelly Klanecky                       Principal
Trish Akerly                           Technology Assistant
Grant Bachman                     First Grade Teacher
Vanessa Bartels                    Third Grade Teacher
Cindy Beaman                       Math Coach
Susan Beilke                          Paraprofessional
Misty Bremer                          Parent
Kate Crowe                            Learning Facilitator
Linda Dugan                           ELL Teacher
Janelle Forsman                     Resource Teacher
Sydney Gartner                      Second Grade Teacher
Shanna Gannon                     Professional Learning Director
Julie Hayman                          Paraprofessional
Angela Jenness                      Second Grade Teacher
Jasey Klein                             Fourth Grade Teacher
Ashley Laird                            ELL Teacher
Kahsi Lawson                          Resource Teacher
Rachel Lewandowski               First Grade Teacher
Belen Magana                          Paraprofessional
Dr. Amy Mancini                       Director of English Language Arts
Marty Marckvicka                     School Psychologist
Diane Meyer                             Fifth Grade Teacher
Ken Meyer                                Paraprofessional
Josh McDowell                         Director of 21st Century Curriculum
Kayla Miller                               Kindergarten Teacher
Cathy Mohnike                          NDE Title 1 Consultant
Kathryn Olson                           Physical Education Teacher
Sarah Overfield                         Kindergarten Teacher
Toni Palmer                               Student & Support Services
Mel Pebley                                Special Education Supervisor
Naomi Petersen                        Parent
Sarah Reinert                            Behavior Consultant
Angela Roby                             Integration Specialist
Angie Runyan                           Second Grade Teacher
Cheryl Russell                           Music Teacher
Camie See                                Counselor
Katie Shafer                              Speech Language Pathologist
Jordan Smith                            Fifth Grade Teacher
John Street                               ESU 10
Nancy Sutherland                     Fourth Grade Teacher
Erin Taukiuvea                         Third Grade Teacher
Jill Valderaz                              Paraprofessional
Shirley Wahlgren                      Nurse
Michelle Walker                        Social Worker

Click here to download a copy of the Accountability Compact Team List.