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October Counselor Corner

What is self-esteem?  Self-esteem is our beliefs about our self, how capable and loved we feel.  It is our shield against life's challenges.  Of all the things we help our children learn and do, helping them develop a healthy self-esteem is probably most important.  This is because self-esteem affects all aspects of their lives-how they learn, how they interact with friends, how they treat others, how they problem solve, and how willing they are to try new things.  Here are some tips to help your child develop healthy self-steem:
1.  Praise your child.
2.  Give your child chores to learn to be a team player.
3.  Give them the gift of your time.
4.  Avoid comparing your child to others. 
Genie Solt, School Counselor
Knickrehm Elementary School

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