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November News from our Counselor

Counselor's Corner
It is important to teach children decision-making skills every day. Here are some suggestions for helping your child learn how to make good choices:
* Teach by example. Children see everything we do. Model good decision making skills by including them in decision-making process as you are going through it.
* Start them off with a few options. Too many choices can be overwhelming to a child. Let them begin with small decisions. For example, offering if they would like PB&J or a Tuna sandwich in their lunch. Allowing kids to practice making small decisions will help build critical decision making skills in the future.
* Teach a decision-making formula. 1. Define the problem. 2. Explore the choices 3. Understand consequences. 3. Make a decision 4. Learn from the decision.
* Don't solve their problems. Allow your child to make their own decisions.
* Be there before they decide. Be a sounding board for your child as they are learning the decision making process.

November's Character Trait Kindness
What does it mean?
1. Showing concern for others.
2. Using your words to help others.
3. Giving without expecting something in return.

Genie Solt
Lincoln School Counselor

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