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March Notes from the Counselor

Beginning in January, students at Knickrehm Elementary School have been learning skills that make them good leaders and teaching them how to develop habits and skills to make them happy kids. 

Kindergarten through fourth grade students  have been working on "The 7 habits of Happy Kids".  We have learned four of he seven habits so far.  Habit 1 teachers the students that they are in charge of their own actions, attitudes and moods.  They should not blame others and they do the right thing without being asked; even when no one is looking.  Habit 2 teacher them to plan ahead and set goals.  They look for ways to be a good citizen in their home, their school and their community.  Habit 3 teachers that they need to work first, then play.  Habit 4 emphasizes that when everyone is happy, then everyone wins  Fair is not getting the same as everyone else; but it is getting what you need. 

We will complete Habits 5, 6, and 7 over the next few weeks.  Be sure to ask your students more about what they have learned about all seven of these habits.

Fifth grade students are building a "Pyramid of Success".  They have learned that the cornerstone of this pyramid is hard work and the foundation of the pyramid is made up of hard work, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, and enthusiasm.  The other blocks of the pyramid include self-control, alertness, intention and initiative (also called perseverance), fitness, skill, team spirit, poise (be yourself), confidence ad the top of the pyramid is personal best.  These skills help build students that will become good leaders and good citizens.

Please feel free to contact me at the school anytime you have concerns or would just like to visit about what your students is learning in counseling
Geie Solt
School Counselor
Knickrehm and Lincoln Elementary Schools

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