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December Notes from the Principal

*  Part of our School Improvement Plan this year involves helping students practice and deepen new knowledge.  One of the strategies we are using is processing new information.  For students to truly learn new content, students need the opportunity to do something with the information.  This could mean talking, sharing, explaining, writing, summarizing, paraphrasing, or asking questions.  When teachers break the new information in small bites and have students process that chunk before adding another chunk, students better understand and retain the critical information longer.
* Also, be sure to check the calendar in this newsletter for other important dates.
* When scheduling appointments for your child try to set them  up outside of school hours.  This is important so that they do not miss valuable instruction time.

Cornerstone Bank Partnership:
The Cornerstone Bank provided gift certificates, redeemable for one turkey, per grade level.  Students brought canned food for the Salvation Army Food Pantry to earn a ticket.  Thank you Cornerstone Bank and Darren Sanchez, for your continued support!

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