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Bikes at School:
If your student rides a bike to school, please make sure they have a bike lock for it.  Bikes are only secure at school if the student locks it to the bike rack.

School Wellness
The School District of Grand Island had a Wellness Policy that impacts the celebration of birthdays and the types of treats that are brought to school.  Here is a summary of the poicy:
1.  All treats brought to school will need to be store-bought and not homemade.
2.  All treats will need to be on the USDA approved list ( under the Wellness section)
3.  Food brought for school parties will need to be from the approved list.
4.  There are times when parents bring lunch to school for their children.  If you do bring lunch, please bring the healthy choices such as apple slices instead of fries and milk choice instead of soda.  We will not allow soda or sugary drins to be serve in the lunchroom.

**Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, candy and sugary drinks will not be ale to be served at school.  Please adhere to the Snack Guidelines.

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