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Here at Knickrehm, we are continually striving to improve instruction and increase student achievement,  As part of our School Improvement process, we set goals and define strategies to help us achieve those goals.  In math, teachers plan for and focus on developing problem solving strategies since it is vital in developing logical thinkers and lifelong problem solvers.

Solve Problems Improvement Strategies:
     *  Utilize the four steps of problem solving to provide feedback and differentiate instruction         for all students.
     *  Develop key vocabulary to build background knowledge for all students.
     *  Use mathematical fluency strategies with classrooms.

As a team, we believe that mathematical fluency is an important foundation for later mathematical success. Mathematical fluency is the ability to carry out strategies flexibility, accurately, and efficiently.  This goes beyond the basic memorization easier and more fluid.  Talking with your child and asking them to explain their reasoning when completing math practice is a great way to support your child's mathematical fluency

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