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February Notes from the Principal

*Conference are right around the corner. They will take plae on February 8th (3:45-7:45pm), 9th (3:45-7:45pm), and 11th (7:45-11:30am).  Your son/daughter's classroom teacher will be sending a note home with conference time information.  If you need to reschedule, call the office (308) 385-5927.

*Parents, one of the best ways to improve your child's academic performance is to work with your child at home.  Conferences are a great time to talk with your son/daughter's teacher about strategies you can do at home to reinforce what is done at school.  Write down important questions you would like to ask.  Tell the teacher what the child talks about at home-if the teacher knows what is successful with your child, she can do more of the same.

*  Save those Box Tops!  The last Box Top drive raised approximately $170.00 for our school

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