Every Student, Every Day, A Success! What does this mean?

VIDEO: GIPS using success criteria to increase achievement

Grand Island Public School is in the beginning stages of using success criteria. Parents and visitors to classrooms will notice success criteria displayed in many ways. Students may talk about success criteria when talking about their learning.

So, what is success criteria, and how does it benefit students?

Success criteria is using specific statements in order to master a skill and be successful. By using success criteria, the classroom is more student-centered.

GIPS teachers are using a new method to teach lessons and procedures this year. Teachers received training on using success criteria on Aug. 14 and are continuing to learn more about it and how it works.

An example of success criteria for writing a complete sentence may be: I can begin with a capital letter, I can put spaces between my words, I can write neatly, and I can use correct punctuation to fit my sentence. When students check that they’ve met that criteria, they know they’re able to write a complete sentence.

Instead of a teacher telling students exactly what they should be doing, students can refer to the success criteria and take ownership of their learning. Students are in turn doing more critical thinking and collaborating with each other.