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Musical vs. Playoffs: 2017 Edition

Once again, our active students are showcasing their talents in many areas, at the same time. Friday night the football team is in the state playoffs on the road at Creighton Prep. This weekend is the GISH Fine Arts fall musical, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. We again leave it to the students to solve problems ...

Friday night we're all going on the road to Creighton Prep!

Not sure about that 'prep' stuff, but I do know we have plans Friday night.

Who is that kid?

He's the Hunchback. Who is that kid?

I'm the quarterback.

So you could say we have musical and football back-to-back.

Why do we keep scheduling musicals during playoffs?

And why do you keep winning football games?

Because we're awesome.

True that. But we need a solution.

We got it!

What if we take a bus of Hulagans to Prep on Friday and ...

... we all promise to go the show on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday?


That works. But we're still putting on the show on Friday.

That's cool. Break a leg.

I knew you kids would solve this.

You students certainly RISE to the occasion.

Get it? Back-to-back.









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