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GIPS Foundation to recognize Class of 2017 academic honors

The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation will honor the top-ranked graduating seniors from Grand Island Senior High’s Class of 2017 during an academic recognition reception Monday, April 10, at 7 p.m. at the GISH auditorium.

Students and their families will celebrate their academic achievements with a reception underwritten by Home Federal Bank and a recognition/scholarship ceremony. All students at Grand Island Senior High who graduate in the top 15 percent of their class and have submitted a GIPS Foundation scholarship application will be awarded at least one scholarship through the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation’s Academic Aristocrat Scholarship Program. Honor students will receive a total of $43,175 at this event.

The Academic Aristocrat Scholarship program was initiated by former Superintendent Marv Maurer in memory of his wife Dorothy. The program offers scholarships for qualifying students who graduate in the top 15 percent of their class at GISH. Sixty-four scholarships will be awarded in 2017 as part of this program, ranging from $500 to $1,400.

Over the years, many individuals have donated to the Academic Aristocrat fund to grant students their dreams of a higher education. Some have donated annually or through payroll deductions, while others have established endowed scholarships in family names or in honor or memory of someone special.

The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation has served as a tax-exempt vehicle for various individuals and businesses to award scholarships on an annual basis. 

The top 15 percent of graduating GISH seniors to be honored Monday:

  • Christy Acevedo Cabrera
  • Nilson Aguilar-Lopez
  • Hailey Ahlman
  • Morgan Allen
  • Jesse Arends
  • Veronica Arias
  • Yasmin Askar
  • Madison Bartlett
  • Reid Bednar
  • Payton Best
  • Reagan Bowen
  • Mariah Buettner
  • Hannah Carter
  • Esdras Castaneda
  • Bryan Chavez
  • Lizbeth Chavez
  • Briana Cleveland
  • Cynthia Contreras
  • Jissell Cruz
  • Candelario Diaz
  • Bryce Emde
  • Erick Estevez
  • Kevin Estrada
  • Jennifer Guaderrama Perales
  • Parker Harders
  • Jonna Harris
  • Shannon Hassel
  • Riley Higgins
  • Taylor Hilderbrand
  • Anna Hornbacher
  • McKenna Kaskie
  • Hannah Kier
  • Payton Kinne
  • Caitlynn Kirk
  • Sienna Kunze
  • Evan Ludwig
  • Cailey Mathews
  • Emily Moran
  • Kali Moreno Santana
  • Hunter Moural
  • Kenny Olivares-Mendez
  • Seara Ontiveros
  • Valerie Ontiveros
  • Maricela Paramo Reyes
  • Baylie Pauly
  • Kyle Perkins
  • Selena Ramirez
  • Kelly Reed
  • ZitaAnne Reno
  • David Reynolds
  • Juana Reynoso
  • Jake Rhoads
  • Reece Rhodes
  • Katelyn Richardson
  • Emily Robinson
  • Ricardo Romero
  • Edgar Ruiz-Guaderrama
  • Thomas Schoenstein
  • Nicholas Schroeder
  • Dayana Sifontes Guerra
  • George Siliman
  • Broc Stuhr
  • Kaylee Taylor
  • Carolyn Thayer
  • Ashley Wagner
  • Alyssa Wells
  • Morgan White
  • Reagan Wooden
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