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GISH Under Armour apparel sale through Feb. 26

The Islander Activities Department is proud to announce Grand Island Senior High has become an Under Armour school! To celebrate our new alliance with UA, we are offering the entire Grand Island Public Schools community outstanding prices (40% off retail price!) on select Under Armour gear. Please check out this website for these incredible garments and deals before February 26.

No catch here. We're just sharing the love! Simply go to the link, check out the available items, complete your order, use your credit card to pay, and...ta-da, you're done! Items will be shipped to Grand Island Senior High. We'll let you know when they've arrived. The GISH Activities Department will get a cut of all sales, so you'll be supporting Islander activities. Most of all, you'll be getting a great deal and some quality gear for yourself - and you'll be lining up your Islander gear for the upcoming school year!

Most items have the option for a small fee to add the embroidered GI logo. What a great way to support ALL GISH activities and students.  

Go to this site now and check out what's available, Islander Nation. Orders are due February 26. Don't miss this tremendous opportunity: 40% off retail price on terrific Under Armour gear! 

And remember: Everyone looks good in purple!