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Meet the new voice of Friday nights: Jamie Kuebler

If you've been to an Islander home football game this year, you've probably noticed something sounds different. Barry Sandstrom, longtime public address announcer, stepped down from his duties.

Enter Jamie Kuebler. He's relatively new to announcing, but the Grand Island Senior High CPI English teacher is getting more comfortable calling the games.

"So far, I've really enjoyed announcing the games," he said. "It's very hectic in the press box. My spotter, two clock guys, four radio announcers and two booths full of coaches are all doing their thing at the same time - loudly - which makes it difficult to gather my thoughts before turning on my mic. That, in turn, makes me sound like my brain isn't always engaged, but I've done a decent job correcting my mistakes on the fly."

He's not only new to announcing, he's relatively new to Grand Island. This is his second year in the district. He previously taught in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Evansville, where he filled in as an announcer for "a handful of games."

"Now that I'm getting used to the players and where to expect them on the field, I'm becoming more comfortable on the mic," he said. "It's a rush having the pressure of knowing thousands of people are listening to my voice (waiting for me to screw up). I enjoy the challenge and luckily I have thick enough skin to maintain confidence in myself even when my so-called 'friends' blow me up for making errors."

In his first night of announcing, during Senior High's season opening game against Kearney, Kuebler had to bring excitement for the game, as well as deliver a more important message for fans.

"The best - and hardest - part so far was announcing the tribute to Sam Folz," he said. "Even though I didn't know him personally, I am acutely aware of his legacy and the impact his family has had on this city and state. That moment was extremely important to me because of its importance to the community. I flubbed up 100 times the first game, but I was able to flawlessly read through that bit of information without error. That meant so much to me to be able to keep the focus on him and his legacy instead of my inexperience."

Listen for Kuebler this Friday night at Memorial Stadium as the Islanders host Lincoln East at 7 p.m.

"I felt like I got better and more comfortable over the course of the last game and really look forward to getting better each time," he said. "I consider it an honor announcing for such a great program, school and community."

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