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For the 2020-21 school year students will not be turning in their chromebooks from the summer. This year students are able to take them to and from school each day. Students will be using their own chromebook as much as possible so it will be important for them to have them at school each day. If your student's chromebook needs any type of repair from the spring or summer they can begin turning them in for repair on Tuesday, Aug. 4. Repairs from spring and summer will be taken care of by the school district. Please call the school first before you bring the chromebook in for repair so that we can have another one ready for you, and you do not have to wait. Our media assistant will meet you at the front door to exchange yours with another.

Also if your family borrowed a jetpack from the school please turn those in beginning on Monday, Aug. 3, (school hours are 8-4). They will be redistributed to our virtual learners for fall.

Last, the school district is offering a protection plan for chromebooks this school year. Beginning at the start of this school year your family has the option to pay $10 per student/chromebook for a protection plan should any damages occur to the device/s. If you take the plan there is a $20 deductible for the first repair (if repair cost is less you pay the lesser cost), $40 deductible for second repair and $60 deductible for third repair. There will be information coming out about this at the beginning of school. You can sign up online for a protection plan at
Please let us know if you have questions on any of this information regarding chromebooks.

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