How To Create Your Scholarship Legacy


Why choose the GIPS Foundation to build your legacy?


Working with the GIPS Foundation allows you the opportunity to choose the type of student to invest in, with interests and aspirations that match your legacy.


The GIPS Foundation makes starting a scholarship a simple process. Whether you are investing a few hundred dollars or a few million, the professional staff do the work, allowing you to enjoy the reward of creating opportunities for students.

Enriched donor experience

The GIPS Foundation offers an experience for donors like no other. You are given the chance to meet your scholarship winners, learn about their plans and be part of their journey.

Safe and secure

The GIPS Foundation's four-decade tradition of excellence offers peace of mind. You are investing with a trusted, reliable organization.


The GIPS Foundation is a nationally recognized charitable organization, setting the standard for others to follow. The four-star foundation received the highest rating a charity can receive.


How do I get started?

Traci Skalberg, Executive Director
Kneale Administration Building
123 South Webb Road, Grand Island
(308)385-5900 ext. 1170


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