Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarships



Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarships

Some of the Career Pathways Institute courses offer college credit. Taking the courses for college credit is not mandatory. Students have the option to take these courses as high school credit only, personally paying the college tuition (dual-enrollment), or applying for a Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarship. The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation offers scholarships in a competitive process to help cover the tuition expense for college credit.

The Career Pathways Scholarship Fund was donated by local business and industry leaders to invest in the future workforce of Central Nebraska.

Questions regarding CPI Courses and college credit should be directed to CPI at  308-385-5601.


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Dual-Enrollment Tips and Info

2017-18 Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarship Guideline Booklet

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Scholarship applications will be considered for students enrolled in a Career Pathways Program at Grand Island Senior High, Adams Street Campus, Central Community College, and any other campus served by the Career Pathways Institute.

Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled as a high-school student
  • Have completed the CPI admittance application
  • Be accepted and enrolled in a CPI Pathway
  • Scholarship will only pay for CPI CCC classes

NOTE:  This is a last dollar scholarship. Students should apply for all other scholarship opportunities that they qualify for, including Access College Early (ACE). This scholarship, if awarded, will generally fund the balance of the Career Pathway dual-enrollment not covered by other programs.

Dual-Enrollment Scholarship Benefits:

Scholarship Recipients will be eligible for tuition of up to two (2) classes (generally 6 credits) per semester. Additionally, other items may also be considered for scholarships including books and technology fees.

Scholarship Awards:

In 2014, the Foundation began offering dual-credit scholarships to students attending the Career Pathways Institute from the Career Pathways Scholarship Endowment. These scholarships are designed to pay college tuition for students who are taking courses that qualify. More than $24,500 was offered to 32 Career Pathway students for dual-credit scholarships in 2017-18.


Important Dates:

Aug 17, 2018 -  Dual-Enrollment Online Scholarship Application Opens
Aug 31, 2018 - Dual-Enrollment Online Scholarship Application Closes
Sept 24, 2018 - Scholarship Award notification letters mailed


Tips and Info:

How do I activate my account?

If you are eligible for a Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarship you will receive an account announce email. The email contains a link that is unique to each user. To activate your account you must click on the link. Account announce emails will be sent after the application opens. If you did not receive an account announce email and believe you are eligible for the Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarship, please email the System Administrator at Click here for more instructions.

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your user name or password, use the link on the login screen to reset your account. DO NOT create multiple accounts or you may be disqualified from the scholarship program. To reset your password you must know your Username or email address used to create the account. If you still cannot access your account contact the System Administrator at Click here for more instructions.

How do I start my scholarship application?

Step by step instructions on how to move from the CPI: Pre-Application Agreement page to the other pages of the online application. Includes screen shots. Click here for more instructions.

What do the icons in my application mean?

Definitions of the icons displayed next to document names. Click here for more instructions.

What are Scholarship Application Form Sections?

The Scholarship Application Form Sections contains links to each page (form) of the online application. Click here for more instructions.

Free or Reduced Lunch Benefit

If you receive the free or reduced lunch benefit you will need to upload a pdf copy of your benefit letter. Click here for more instructions.

How do I know if my reference is complete?

Each Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarship application requires a reference. You will not be able to submit your application until the reference has been completed. Click here for more instructions.

How to write a great essay

The scholarship application essays will be scored using the GIPS Foundation Writing Rubric. Keep the following traits in mind when composing: Focus/Ideas, Organization, Support/Word Choice, Conventions/Sentence Fluency.

How do I submit my Scholarship Application?

Before you can submit your application, you must complete all the required questions, essays, and your reference must be submitted as complete. The Submit button in the upper right of the screen will be clickable when all the requirements have been completed. You will receive an email stating your application has been submitted. Click here for more instructions.


CPI Dual-Enrollment Online Scholarship Worksheet

Reference Tips for the Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarship

Career Pathways Dual-Enrollment Scholarship Application Scoring Rubric