Bill and Bea Southard

Endowed Fund


From time to time, students of the Grand Island Public Schools find themselves in a situation where they are missing educational opportunities because of their economic status. The Bill and Bea Southard Endowed Fund will focus on providing educational opportunities for students attending Walnut Middle School. The fund may be used to help individual students, a group of students, or for the benefit of the school as a whole.

Eligibility and Purpose:

1. The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors will invest and administer the fund as per foundation guidelines. Annual payouts will be made.

2. A review committee of Walnut personnel will meet annually or more often as necessary to determine recipients for the fund. Retired Walnut Principal Vikki Deuel will head the committee and be personally involved in the decision making process as long as she is willing and able.

3. The committee's decision will be final.

4. Grants will be made payable to institutions, organizations, etc. on behalf of Walnut Middle School as a whole or on behalf of individual students.

5. Grants will not be paid directly to the student.

Application Procedure:

Walnut Staff members may make a request to the Southard Fund by completing the application and returning it to Vikki Deuel. The review committee will make the decision to approve, modify, or deny the application within seven to ten days following the receipt of the application.

Any questions regarding the Southard Fund or the application process should be directed to Vikki Deuel (by email at or by phone 308-384-3485).

If your request for funds is approved, the student(s) who receive money from the Southard Fund will be required to write a thank-you note to Mrs. Southard. Vikki Deuel will make arrangements with you for the delivery of the note.

Southard Guideline

Southard Grant Application