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Classroom Mini-grant - Round One

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Important Deadlines

April 15, 2019
- Application process open for Classroom Mini-grant - Round One

May 31, 2019 - Application process closed for Classroom Mini-grant - Round One

July 2019 - Award notifications - Round One


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

NOTE: Only applicants with a email address are eligible for grants.
Before you can use the online grant application you must become a registered user. During the registration process you will choose your own username and password. If you cannot remember your user name that you have created, please contact the system administrator. DO NOT create another account. If you create a duplicate account, the Grant Committee reserves the right to disqualify your application. Click here for more instructions.

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your user name or password, use the link on the login screen to reset your account. DO NOT create multiple accounts or you may be disqualified from the grant process. To reset your password you must know your Username or email address used to create the account. If you still cannot access your account contact the System Administrator at Click here for more instructions.

How do I create multiple grant requests?

After you have created an account and started/completed the grant application, you can create additional grant applications to be considered during the same grant round. The maximum number of grant requests per round is five. All grant applications can be created with one user account. Click here for more instructions.

How do I start my grant application?

Step by step instructions on how to move from the Application Information page to the other pages of the online grant application. Includes screen shots. Click here for more instructions.

What do the icons in my application mean?

Definitions of the icons displayed next to form names. Click here for more instructions.

How do I know if my recommendation is complete?

Each grant application requires a recommendation from your building principal or direct supervisor. You will not be able to submit your grant application until the recommendation has been completed. Click here for more instructions.


How is my Online Grant Application scored?

Grand Island Public Schools Foundation grants are awarded through a competitive process. Each grant application is reviewed by a committee and scored. Click here for more instructions.

GIPS Foundation Mini-grant Rubric


How do I submit my Grant Application?

Before you can submit your application, you must complete all the required questions and your recommendation must be submitted as complete. The Submit button at the bottom of the navigation menu will be clickable when all the requirements have been completed. You will receive an email stating your application has been submitted. Click here for more instructions.


GIPS Strategic Plan

One essay question on the Grant Narrative page asks "Does this project address one or more of the above goals? How? Please describe how this project will provide additional opportunities to students and meets district objectives/goals." Click here for more in depth information about the GIPS Strategic Plan.

Classroom Mini-grant projects will/will not be considered for list

Recommendation Tips



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