Larry D. and Judy A. Maupin Orchestra

Endowed Fund


Larry and Judy Maupin established this fund to enhance the orchestra program at Grand Island Senior High. Mr. Maupin taught orchestra at Grand Island Senior High for 38 years, retiring in 2003. Larry and Judy are firm believers in the value of music education for students. The intent of this fund is to help fulfill the mission of the Grand Island Senior High Orchestra Program which "seeks to develop individual musical artistry, ensemble excellence, and promote a lifelong enjoyment of music in each young person."

This fund will make grants on an annual basis to benefit the Grand Island Senior High Orchestra Program.

Eligibility and Purpose:

1. Annual grants will be made to support stringed instrument educational opportunities that meet one of the following criteria:

a. Bringing in a guest conductor/clinician
b. Playing with another orchestra or symphony either in Grand Island or in another community
c. Organizing an event to promote orchestra with the purpose of recruiting new students
d. Giving private lessons to individual students who cannot afford them (Guidelines from the Foundation's Special Opportunities Fund will be used to qualify individual students)
e. Tuition for individual students to attend orchestra camps or orchestra educational trips, when cost prohibits their participation

2. The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors will invest and administer the fund as per Foundation guidelines. Annual payouts will be made.

3. Funding decisions will be proposed by the Grand Island Senior High Orchestra Director and approved by the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors.

4. Grants will be made payable to institutions, organizations, clinicians, tutors etc. on behalf of the Grand Island Senior High Orchestra as a whole or on behalf of individual Grand Island Senior High orchestra students.

5. Grants will not be paid directly to the student.

Application Procedure:

Complete the grant application and submit to the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation. Grants will be awarded throughout the year as funds are available.

Maupin Guideline

Maupin Grant Application

Maupin Grant Evaluation