The Foundation is pleased to offer a wide variety of grant opportunities.  Grants can benefit individual students, classrooms of students, or entire schools!  We invite you to take a look at the different programs offered.


The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation awards mini-grants in two rounds on an annual basis. Mini-grants are designed to fund educational opportunities for students that are not available through the school district's general budget.


So what exactly is a 'legacy grant fund'? At the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation legacy grant funds are funds where the principal value is given by a donor and invested by the Foundation to create an endowment. Over time the invested fund will generate enough income annually to fund a scholarship or grant activity benefiting students of the Grand Island Public Schools.

Still, what makes it a legacy? There are two important components. First, the perpetual nature of the fund creates benefit every year for student opportunities. The second important component is the creation of the fund guidelines that reflect the particular value system of the donor/s who initiated the fund. Legacy funds can be created for loved ones lost, or those that are still with us that want to create opportunities for students.

Listed below are the legacy grant funds that have been gifted by donors like you who want to invest in students in an everlasting way. Each fund has its own guidelines, its own purpose, and its own reason for existing. But every one of these funds touches Grand Island Public School students forever and in a meaningful way. Your legacy is their opportunity.

Lucy A. Baasch Estate Endowed Fund

The Lucy A. Baasch Fund makes annual grants to benefit students enrolled in Special Education Programs at Grand Island Public Schools.

Debra Happold Memorial Endowed Fund

The Debra Happold Memorial Fund makes grants on an annual basis to the Grand Island Public Schools Food for Thought Program or any subsequent program that operates for the purpose of sending food home with school children who do not have enough to eat.

 Mary Ann Indra Endowed Fund

The Mary Ann Indra Fund provides eyeglasses or camps to visually impaired students.

 Indra House Endowed Fund

The Indra House Fund provides updates or ongoing maintenance of the Indra Transitional Learning Center facility.

 Indra Special Education Training Endowed Fund

The Indra Special Education Training Fund provides staff training to help serve special needs students.

 Jack Jeffries Memorial Scoreboard Endowment

The purpose of the Jack Jeffries Memorial Scoreboard Endowment is to generate income annually, restricted to fund the replacement of the Jack Jeffries Memorial Scoreboard at Memorial Stadium. Annual proceeds from this endowed fund will be placed into a temporarily restricted fund until which time a new scoreboard is needed at Memorial Stadium (or subsequently built football stadiums used by Grand Island Senior High).

 Jeffrey Rosacker Endowed Fund

The Jeffrey Rosacker Fund is to help individual students attending Grand Island Senior High access and acquire mental health services through the Student Wellness Center. The Jeffrey Rosacker Endowed Fund of the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation will provide an annual grant to support the mental health treatment of Grand Island Senior High students who are not in a position to self-pay for services. Additionally, the Saint Francis Medical Center Foundation has graciously agreed to match the annual grant made by the Jeffrey Rosacker Endowed Fund to afford students additional treatment sessions.


Application Grants


Agnes Ayoub "BAB" Fund

The Agnes Ayoub “BAB” Fund is the legacy of Mrs. Agnes Ayoub, a school secretary for GIPS for 38 years, five at Howard and 33 at Walnut. Agnes gently guided new teachers, confused parents, and even principals with her sense of humor and deft organization. Her greatest asset, however, was connecting with the thousands of students who showed up at the counter in her office, all of whom she knew by name. “BAB” refers to an actual petty cash Band Aid Box she kept in the office for school emergencies, but “BAB” is also a metaphor for the countless times Agnes personally provided lunch money, a pair of shoes, a new coat, or simply a smile and a kind word for a student in need of one. The fund is intended, via school secretaries, to continue her legacy.

 Patty Lundeen Galbraith Endowed Fund

This endowed fund was established in honor of Patty Galbraith's retirement after 32 years of dedicated service to the students, parents, and coworkers of CNSSP.

 Grand Island Senior High Soccer Character Scholarship

The Grand Island Senior High Soccer Team Character Scholarship is intended to encourage students to go forward against all odds, and give them hope and opportunity through grants that connect students to school, community, and success. The fund was initiated by a family with a heart for young people who demonstrate character.

Larry D. and Judy A. Maupin Orchestra Endowed Fund

Larry and Judy Maupin established this fund to enhance the orchestra program at Grand Island Senior High. Mr. Maupin taught orchestra at Grand Island Senior High for 38 years, retiring in 2003. Larry and Judy are firm believers in the value of music education for students. The intent of this fund is to help fulfill the mission of the Grand Island Senior High Orchestra Program which "seeks to develop individual musical artistry, ensemble excellence, and promote a lifelong enjoyment of music in each young person."

Clark W. Reese Memorial Endowed Fund

The family of Clark W. Reese has established this fund in his memory to enhance Fine Arts programs of the Grand Island Public Schools. Clark and his wife Karen enjoyed the musical and theatrical gifts of their son Ryan while he attended the Grand Island Public Schools. Clark was a dear friend of the students of Grand Island. He supported the schools of this community by serving as a "Band Dad," a "Stage Dad," and as a board member of the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation. He and Karen believe in giving students the gift of educational opportunity.

Bill and Bea Southard Endowed Fund

From time to time, students of the Grand Island Public Schools find themselves in a situation where they are missing educational opportunities because of their economic status. The Bill and Bea Southard Endowed Fund will focus on providing educational opportunities for students attending Walnut Middle School. The fund may be used to help individual students, a group of students, or for the benefit of the school as a whole.

Mark and Wanda Stelk High Ability Learner Fund

Dr. Wanda Stelk spent her career at Grand Island Public Schools inspiring learners to reach for their best. She challenged high-ability learners both inside and outside the classroom. In her retirement, Dr. Stelk and her husband Mark wanted to continue to challenge students to be their best. The Stelks have launched the Mark and Wanda Stelk High Ability Learner Fund to offer enriching educational experiences for high-ability learners. The fund may be used to help individual students or a group of students.

 Gloria and S.N. "Bud" Wolbach Student Kindness Fund

The Gloria and S.N. "Bud" Wolbach Student Kindness Fund is a legacy of kindness from Grand Island's first "AOK Lady" Gloria Wolbach and her husband S.N. "Bud" Wolbach. Gloria and Bud spent their lives building the town of Grand Island into a 'community.' Their acts of kindness, big and small, are a source of pride for Grand Island. This fund is intended to encourage students to go forward against all odds, and give them hope and opportunity through grants that connect students to school, community, and success.