Golden Sower Program

Golden Sower Program

What is the Nebraska Golden Sower Award?
The Golden Sower Award is a children's choice award given annually to authors and illustrators as determined by the votes of thousands of school-age readers from across Nebraska. Golden Sower Awards are given annually representing three categories: Primary, Intermediate, and Young Adult.

What is the purpose of the Nebraska Golden Sower Award?
The Nebraska Golden Sower Award program aspires to:
+stimulate children's thinking
+introduce different types of literature
+encourage independent reading
+increase library information skills
+foster an appreciation for excellence in writing and illustrating


How does the Golden Sower Award program work?
Each year the program runs from summer to the following spring with local libraries and schools introducing the current nominated titles. Readers can enjoy reading or listening to the nominees throughout the year. Eligible voters must cast their ballots through a library or school before the April 15th deadline.


How do participants vote?
Voting is open to all eligible NE Golden Sower readers who have read or heard a minimum of four of the current nominees from one category.


When did the Nebraska Golden Sower Award begin?
Initiated by Karla Hawkins Wendelin and Dee Storey at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the first Golden Sower Award presented in 1981 honored Deborah and James Howe for Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery. The Nebraska Library Association SCYP section now sponsors the award. The award was expanded to honor a picture book in 1983 and a young adult title in 1993.


How can my Engleman Elementary student participate in the districtwide Golden Sower Program?
For grades K-2, Mrs. Blase, the Integration Specialist, will prepare special activities for each book to be done during Media Skills class each week. In grade 3, students are invited to participate in GIPS Flips for Reading: Golden Sower Challenge. The link can be found on our main Library page.  

In grades 4 and 5, students are encouraged to complete projects related to the Golden Sower books to earn a district medal. For more information, visit the GIPS Community Readers webpage or contact Mrs. Blase in the library.

Click here to visit the Golden Sower website.