Grand Island Public Schools has an ongoing need for Substitute Teachers. Wage for substitutes with a Nebraska Teaching Certificate or a Full Substitute Certificate or a "local substitute" certificate is $144 per day. Wage for retired Grand Island Public Schools teachers is $152 per day. Long term pay (10 days or more in the same position) is $154 per day for local substitute certificate substitutes, $181 per day for full certificate substitutes, and $189 per day for retired teacher substitutes. There is an incentive of $150 when a substitute works 85 % of available days per pay period. Substitutes will also be awarded $1000 annually for working 125 days or more. 

Instructions for applying for substitute teaching: 

*  Fill out the Grand Island Public Schools substitute teaching application. Download Application

*  Bring your teaching certificate along with the GIPS application to the Human Resources Department at 123 South Webb Road, Grand Island, Nebraska.

*  Please provide a voided check for direct deposit. You will also need to provide two forms of identification (a driver's license and social security card or birth certificate are acceptable) or a passport.

You may get instructions for qualifications for the various teaching and substitute teaching certificates from the Nebraska Department of Education. The NE Department of Education has an online application. The phone number is (402) 471-0739 and the website is: www.education.ne.gov/tcert.

If you have further questions, please contact Jackie Jones at  or (308) 385-5900, ext. 1106.