Entry Plan: Dream, Design, Achieve!

Dr. Grover sits with Shoemaker Elementary students before the first day of school

I am very pleased and humble by the overwhelming support of the school community and honored to serve such a distinguished school system. Thank you for all of the affirmation of my appointment and allowing me to spend time with you.


The Grand Island Public Schools and the constituents here have my full commitment in seeking to understand and expand the already existing success of the district. This entry plan will allow for many avenues and opportunities for all stakeholders to be involved in shaping the framework for the future of GIPS. We must discover the community's dream for our district, so we can design the plan to achieve the rightfully high expectation of success for every student.

I encourage each of you to be involved in sharing with us. From the words of Henry Ford, "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Together, we will dream, design and achieve.

Transition goals

This process is our working plan for entry. It includes our transition goals and the actions we will take to reach a desired outcome for the district. Those goals are:

1. Develop a relationship of trust, collaboration, transparency and productivity between the Board of Education and the superintendent.

2. Put in place a transition team and organizational leadership structure designed to assist the superintendent focus on academic achievement, organizational effectiveness, existing programs, current climate and addressing areas of need.

3. Gain insight and community input through listening, learning and planning together.

4. Design a plan to guide the district for immediate and long-term future.

It is the job of the superintendent to ensure the goals of this district are achieved. This plan reflects our shared desire to make a thoughtful, caring and smooth leadership transition for GIPS and the community. It provides the necessary time to ensure multiple perspectives and voices are heard from educators and stakeholders. This plan is organized around gathering information, synthesizing the input and gaining insight into strengthening the current successes of the district.

I am excited to dream, design and achieve with you. We are GIPS!