School Improvement Plan

This summary provides information and results for our school’s improvement process. By design, broad improvement goals are established that take several years to fully achieve. All staff help identify and implement a few powerful research based improvement strategies, which are assessed annually in terms of student learning gains.

Reading goal:
Improve students' literacy skills.

Strategies to meet the reading goal are:

  • Extended Reading class for below grade level readers.
  • Use checks for understanding to guide instruction.
  • Use vocabulary strategies: Marzano 6 step vocabulary, content specific vocabulary, and root word, prefix and suffix meanings.
  • Use direct instruction of content reading strategies and skills across all curricular areas.
  • Drop Everything And Read time with reading accountability.
  • Use and teach 6 Traits of Writing Process.
  • Direct instruction of writing skills across all curricular areas.
  • Encourage the enjoyment of reading.
  • Use closed captioning whenever possible.

Problem Solving goal:
Improve all students' understanding of problem solving skills in all curricular areas.

Strategies to meet the problem solving goal:

  • Use application of problem solving skills to check for student understanding.
  • Use differentiation techniques based on observation and assessments.
  • Differentiate by content, product or process by utilizing the 4 C's;­­ collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity.

Culture and Climate goals:
*Create and sustain a warm environment that welcomes all stakeholders and encourages new learning for staff and students.
*Develop a purposeful community.

Strategies to meet the culture and climate goalsl:

  • Pre-t­each and practice expectations.
  • Give proactive prompts in the classroom.
  • Hang BoysTown skills posters in all classrooms as a reference for students and staff.
  • Power of the Paw (Contingent rewards for students).
  • Students use agreed upon norms (classroom rules) to hold one another accountable in the class.
  • Staff use agreed upon norms (Professional Guidelines) to hold one another accountable in staff meetings.
  • Throw a Bulldog a Bone (Contingent rewards for staff)
  • Affirm what is going right; acknowledge what is not.
  • Honor the absent and utilize the chain of command.


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