Barr Middle School Clubs


Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl - Mrs. Pedersen
Grades 6-8. A team activity with all participants around one computer answering 100 multiple-choice questions. Areas covered include math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature, English, history, general information and just plain fun trivia.  Students practice during lunch, September- November.

DC Concessions- Mrs. Clausen

8th grade students work in the concession stand to earn money for the DC Delegates trip in the spring.


Science Bowl- Mr. Stoddard and  Mrs. Pedersen
Grades 6-8. Students practice weekly before or after school on Thursday to compete in the Middle School Science Bowl competition, October- January.

Math Counts- Mrs. Clausen, Mrs. Pedersen, Mrs. Keasling
Grades 6-8. Students practice during lunch on Wednesday for Math Counts competition. October- January.

Academic Quiz Bowl - Mrs. Pedersen and Mr. Weaver

Grades 7-8. Students practice to compete on the Academic Quiz Bowl Team.  Academic Quiz Bowl is a lockout buzzer system competition in which two teams of six members face each other answering questions on a variety of topics.  Practices are during lunch and Tuesday at 7:30 am, November- January.

Soccer Club - Mrs. Snoberger

Grades 6-8 to strengthen soccer skills.  Meets Tuesday at 7:30 am

Yearbook - Ms. Yager
Grades 6-8.  Yearbook is an organization that promotes school spirit and captures school memories while building leadership for students.  The goal of Yearbook is to build confidence and communication skills socially with peers and school staff, while also refining photographic talent to create aesthetically pleasing designs.  Meetings are Wednesday after school.


Roots and Shoots- Mr. Dunker and Mrs. Pedersen
Grades 6-8. Students meet before school, weekends, and during the summer to do projects related to our mission, to improve the prairies for native and migratory species.  We have presented at the Crane Trust, NATS Conference in Fremont, and NAG Conference in Omaha.  Awards:  Most active Roots and Shoots team in the world- May 2015 and International Project of the Month  

Run Club     Ms. Friedel
Grades 6-8, Wednesday after school, October-March.  Students learn a life long skill and enjoy getting exercise by running.

Geography Bee      Mrs. Pedersen and Ms. McCarville
Grades 6-8, Wednesday before or after school, October- December. Students practice to prepare for the school and state competition.

Origami Club     Mr. Harpham
Grades 6-8, Monday after school. Students transform paper into 3-D works of art.  Generic paper is provided but students may also bring their own paper.

Sewing Club      Mrs. Pagel and Mrs. Baumert
Grades 6-8, Tuesday at 7:30 am.  Anyone interested in sewing may attend.

Finger Skateboarding     Ms. Yager
Grades 6-8, Thursday after school. Students practice finger skateboarding and should bring their own finger skateboard.

Makerspace Madness Club     Ms. Yager
Grades 6-8, Tuesday after school in the cafeteria.  Students create, build, and explore projects based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.  

Online Game Club     Mrs. Randall
Grades 6-8, Wednesday after school. Students play board games and online school appropriate games.

Photography Club     Ms. Ward
Grades 6-8, Tuesday after school, November 13- February 5.  Students learn and practice photography techniques and editing.

Makeup Club     Mrs. Plucknett
Grades 6-8, Thursday 7:20 am, October- December.  Students learn the art of makeup, face painting, theatre makeup, and the history of makeup.

Crochet Club     Ms. Sheldon
Grades 6-8, Monday after school. October- December.  Learn how to crochet.  Hooks and yarn for small projects are supplied.