After School Activities

Fall Activities

6th Grade Intramural Volleyball -  Mrs. Wilkinson and Mr. Cochnar                                     This activity teaches the fundamentals of volleyball and offers scrimmaging opportunities. 

6th Grade Intramural Football- Mr. Keslar, Mr. Harpham, and Mr. Cochnar 
Intramural football teaches the fundmentals of football and offers scrimmaging opportunities. 

Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl - Mrs. Pedersen
A team activity with all participants around one computer answering 100 multiple-choice questions. Areas covered include math, geography, government, sports, spelling, science, literature, English, history, general information and just plain fun trivia.

DC Concessions- Mrs. Clausen

8th grade students work in the concession stand to earn money for the DC Delegates trip in the spring.

Winter Activities

6th Grade Intramural Boys Basketball- Mr. Keslar and Mr. Harpham

This activity teaches the fundamentals of basketball and offers scrimmaging opportunities. 

6th Grade Intramural Girls Basketball- Mrs. Ortega
This activity teaches the fundamentals of basketball and offers scrimmaging opportunities.

Science Bowl- Mrs. Stephens,  Mrs. Pedersen
Students practice weekly to compete in the Middle School Science Bowl competition.

Math Counts- Mrs. Clausen, Mrs. Harpham, Mrs. Pedersen
Students practice weekly to compete in Math Counts competition.

Spring Activities 

Academic Quiz Bowl - Mrs. Pedersen

Students practice to compete on the Academic Quiz Bowl Team.  Academic Quiz Bowl is a lockout buzzer system competition in which two teams of six members face each other answering questions on a variety of topics. 

Math-a-thon- Mrs. Dietz 
A fun activity involving math and raising money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

Soccer Club - Ms. Conyers and Mrs. Snoberger

7th and 8th graders practice in April and May (depending on the weather). Most years we will have a Barr Vs. Walnut game as a fun way to end our practice time.

All Year Activities

Yearbook - Ms. Yager
Grades 6-8.  Yearbook is an organiztion that promotes school spirit and captures school memories while building leadership for students.  The goal of Yearbook is to build confidence and communication skills socially with peers and school staff, while also refining photographic talent to create aesthetically pleasing designs.

High Impact Show Choir-  Mr. Helzer
Students practice before school and perform a yearly school concert, elementary school tour, and have 1-2 competitions each school year. This is for 7th and 8th graders. 

New Beginnings Show Choir- Mrs. Gapp

Students practice after school and preform a yearly concert.  This for 6th grade choir students.

Roots and Shoots- Mr. Dunker and Mrs. Pedersen
Grades 6-8. Students meet after school, weekends, and during the summer to do projects related to our mission, to improve the prairies for native and migratory species.  We have presented at the Crane Trust, NATS Conference in Fremont, and NAG Conference in Omaha.  Awards:  Most active Roots and Shoots team in the world- May 2015 and International Project of the Month

Run Club     Mrs. Parde
Students learn a life long skill and enjoy getting exercise by running.

Sankofa  Ms. Sheldon and Mrs. Ross

Promotes positive behavior and problem solving.  Students learn to say no when faced with  peer pressure to do drugs, alcohol, or join gangs.

Ukulele Club- Mr. Helzer and Ms. Rieger

Introduces students to simple chords, basic scales, and songs to play.

6th Grade Study Session    Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Randall
Students who need help with reading, writing, or math can stay after school to get some assistance. 

7th Grade Orange Group -  Mrs. Pittman
Students who need help with reading and/or writing skills can stay after school to get some assistance.

7th Grade Language Arts Homework Club- Mrs. Isele
Students who need help with reading and writing meet after school.

8th Grade Homework Club- Mrs. Wagner

A place to complete or get help with homework after school.

Homework Club- Mrs. Baumert

Students in grades 6-8 may come before school begins to do homework.