Defining Success

As the Academies of Grand Island Senior High are the result of district strategic planning and high school transformation projects with one ultimate vision: Students prepared to make positive contributions to society and thrive in an ever-changing world.

This is the vision of Grand Island Public Schools. It is straight from our strategic plan. Also in the strategic plan are the district's 11 goals. We want our students to be successful, but success must be defined.

The following 10 goals are directly tied to the Academies of Grand Island Senior High. The lone goal of the 11 district goals not listed is an increased number of kindergartners coming to us with a high-quality early childhood education experience. All other goals will be in part or entirely impacted by the Academies.

  • Increased percentage of students meeting or exceeding proficiency every year across all assessed grades and subjects assessed on the Nebraska State Accountability (NeSA) centralized state testing process.
  • Decreased achievement gaps among all student sub-groups on state accountability tests.
  • Decreased percentage of students who are absent 15 or more days as reported by Nebraska Department of Education (Excessive Absenteeism).
  • Decreased number of students who are suspended or expelled and a reduction in disproportionate (by race/ethnicity, poverty, and identified disability) suspensions and expulsions.
  • Increased percentage of students with a high level of school connectedness and high commitment to learning.
  • Increased percentage of students self-reporting growth mindset, self-efficacy, self-management, and social awareness.
  • Increased percentage of students on track to graduate at 3rd, 8th, and 9th grades.
  • Increased percentage of students graduating from high school in four years.
  • Increased percentage of students graduating with one or more of the following:
    • Industry certification.
    • College credit for at least one course.
    • A score of three or higher on at least one Advanced Placement (AP) exam.
    • A score meeting ACT college readiness benchmarks for each tested subject.
    • Completion of one or more pathways.
  • Increased percentage of students enrolled in postsecondary education, enlisted in military or employed six months after graduation.

As we progress with the Academies of Grand Island Senior High, these are the measures we will use to define success.

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