Block schedule

The new schedule for Grand Island Senior High will be an A/B block schedule. Each day will consist of four 90-minute periods and a 75-minute lunch block. Days will alternate back and forth between A and B days throughout the year.

A/B Block Schedule

90-minute classes

All classes during the day will be 90 minutes. This time was chosen to help our students and staff be able to accomplish more:

  • More time for deeper learning.
  • More time for hands-on learning opportunities.
  • More time for project-based learning.
  • More time for staff planning and collaboration.
  • More time with community partners.

This is a rather heavy shift for our students and our staff. We know we can not simply teach 90 minutes the way we have traditionally taught 50 minutes. The time must be utilized in new ways. This is one of the main areas we are working on staff professional learning to prepare for the academy model and new schedule.

The 90-minute period allows students to have deeper learning experiences and apply their learning from their core classes in their pathway classes.

Lunch schedule

The 75-minute lunch block will be split between lunchtime and what we are currently considering "Advisory."

Advisory is a time for students to do a number of things:

  • Work with their counselor on continuing to personalize their experiences at GISH.
  • Work with their teachers to get additional support, ask questions or catch up on any missed class time.
  • Work with fellow students on class projects.
  • Meet with a mentor, Teammate or adult professional.
  • Meet with a school club, sport or other activity.
  • Work on homework, classwork or other projects and assignments.

The 75 minutes will be split differently for each grade.

  • Freshmen will have 25 minutes for lunch followed by 50 minutes for advisory. 
  • Sophomores will have 50 minutes for advisory followed by 25 minutes for lunch.
  • Juniors will have 25 minutes for advisory followed by 50 minutes for open lunch.
  • Seniors will have 50 minutes for open lunch followed by 25 minutes for advisory.

Making up for missed class

Within the academy model, students will be expected to take advantage of more opportunities to be involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Occasionally, it will be common for students to miss class time for these activities.

Like has always been the case, students will be expected to meet with their teachers to make up for work and class experiences they have missed. The advisory time outlined above will help ensure our students do not fall behind while also getting to take part in the important activities they will be a part of.

Early bird

There will continue to be options for early bird, or before school, classes. For example, marching band will continue to meet every day as an early bird before school, even though it will be either an A or B day class. Weightlifting will also likely be an early bird offering for students. 

Other options for early bird have not yet been defined, but we expect there to be academic opportunities for students as there exists currently.

Early release

Traditionally, upperclassmen at GISH who reach a minimum number of credits to graduate have had the opportunity for early release, leaving school one, two or even three hours early as juniors and seniors. 

While our practices with this are going to change, some students may still have this opportunity. We will continue to personalize the experience to meet the needs of every student. 

Some students may have internships, job shadowing, work experience or apprenticeships they are leaving school early for. We will work with each student to ensure they are leaving high school after graduation ready to thrive with options for success in whichever direction they choose. 

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