Academies and pathways

There are six academies in the Academies of Grand Island Senior High, offering a number of pathways for students to choose from and, ultimately, personalize to their unique needs.

Academy of Freshman Exploration logo

Academy of Freshman Exploration

All freshman at GISH will be enrolled in the Academy of Freshman Exploration. The ninth-grade year will be filled with experiences to prepare students to choose a pathway and academy to start their tenth-grade year.

Freshmen will take a full slate of core classes - English, math, science, social studies and PE/health - as well as a new class called Freshman Seminar.

Additionally, students will have two electives per semester. (In some unique cases, PE/health may be pushed off until the sophomore year to make room for a third elective.) Students will have many classes to choose from for electives, including fine arts, world languages, weight lifting and more.

During this year, freshmen will explore their interests and passions while learning about the opportunities in the other five academies and where they think they will best fit. At the same time, there will be a number of experiences for them to start thinking about life after high school, ensuring they have all available options when they graduate. 

This will happen with the help of a dedicated staff of teachers, counselors and coaches helping them along the way.

Grade 10-12 Academies

The five academies and various pathways for students in grades 10, 11 and 12 are listed below. Each year, students will take their core classes and one pathway class, plus their electives. Students will take a capstone class as a senior as well. 

All students will have access to Advanced Placement and honors class opportunities. They will also be able to choose their electives to help personalize their education to be as relevant as it can be to their individual journey through high school. 

Students will take the majority of their core and pathway classes within their academy. The electives options are both global classes (fine arts, world languages, etc.) and classes from the other academies they are interested in.

The academies and pathways:

Academy of Education, Law and Environment logo

Academy of Education, Law & Environment


  • Education
  • Law & Public Safety
  • Counseling & Mental Health

Academy of Engineering & Technology logo

Academy of Engineering & Technology


  • Engineering
  • Alternative Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Aviation

Academy of Business & Communications logo

Academy of Business & Communication


  • Agribusiness
  • Finance & Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Multimedia Production

Academy of Technical Sciences logo

Academy of Technical Sciences


  • Automotive
  • Construction Technology
  • Architecture & Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Welding

Academy of Medical Sciences logo

Academy of Medical Sciences


  • Healthcare
  • Sports Medicine/Therapy
  • Emergency Services