9420.1 Administrative Procedure for Information Distribution

All flyers, handouts, etc. must be approved for content by the superintendent’s office at least two weeks prior to distribution. Any promotional items deemed to be purely business advertising will be denied. Information and offerings must be of benefit to children with limited, reasonable or no cost attached to the offer. Items/materials must conform to Policy 9420.

At the elementary level all flyers, handouts, etc must be sorted out and counted by school, grade, and room. For example, if Mrs. Smith has 25 students in her 5th-grade class at XYZ School, we would expect to receive a bundle of 25 (plus 5 extra for 30 total) labeled XYZ School – 5th grade – Mrs. Smith. The number of students in each class at each school can be obtained by calling the Superintendent’s Office or through the district web page (www.gips.org: About GIPS tab then Enrollment Data). The district may require translated copies if appropriate.

At the Middle School and High School level all flyers are placed in the commons area to be picked up by those students who might be interested. Permission is still required before distributing. Posters are frequently used for the upper-grade levels. Again, permission from the superintendent’s office is still required.

All flyers, handouts, etc. are to be distributed via our school mail system. Schools know that materials received through the internal system have been pre-approved. Items left directly at the school will not be distributed.

Materials will be distributed to students at the schools ONLY on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. To ensure that items reach the schools on time, all materials must be bundled and delivered to the Administration Building by the Wednesday prior to the distribution Friday.


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