9420 Distribution Of Materials By Non-School Groups

All requests from non-school groups seeking to distribute information to or through students or staff on Grand Island Public Schools property shall be submitted to the superintendent’s office for review and shall be governed by this policy.

The following definitions shall apply to this policy:

Non-school groups – those organizations or groups that are not part of the school program, school-sponsored activities, or organized pursuant to School Board policy.

Non-school information – any printed or written materials prepared by non-school groups for posting or general distribution that are not prepared as a part of the curriculum or approved extracurricular programs of GIPS.

Curricular – pertaining to district-approved and provided scholastic activities generally occurring during normal school hours.

Extra-curricular – pertaining to district approved, non-scholastic, voluntary activities. Such activities may be athletic, social, or philanthropic as opposed to the more scholastic curricular offerings.

There shall be no distribution of information that:

  1. Will likely cause the commission of unlawful acts, or a material and substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation of the school or school activities.
  2. Is obscene, profane, indecent, lewd or libelous.
  3. Promotes, favors or opposes a candidate for elected office or a ballot measure.

Students shall not be required to take home or read any non-school information. Distribution of non-school information by electronic means is prohibited.

Any group wishing to distribute non-school information should submit the information to the superintendent’s office a minimum of two weeks before the planned distribution. GIPS will not prepare, assemble, or duplicate the non-school information for distribution.

Legal Reference:

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232 j; 34 CFR Part 99)


Policy Adopted: 1-4-99

Policy Revised: 8-9-07

Policy Revised: 09.12.2013


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