9310 Fundraising Activities

The Grand Island Public Schools recognizes that fundraisers help make school activities accessible to students. The Grand Island Public Schools intends this policy to govern fundraising activities, to comply with state rules, to limit undue distractions or time commitments, and to ensure educator standards and accounting practices are maintained. The Grand Island Public Schools authorizes limited fundraising for needs beyond the regular budgeting process.

Administrative Guidelines for School Fundraising:

  1. The building administrator or activities director must approve all fundraising activities.
  2. All fundraising proceeds must be administered through a GIPS Activity Account, through a sanctioned support group account, or through the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation.
  3. Fundraising using online sites must be approved through GIPS Foundation:
  4. The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation accepts requests and manages funding of classroom projects designed by principals and teachers to enhance the curriculum and promote the success of their students through an online fundraising platform. Staff can access the platform on the GIPS Foundation website (9310.1 Procedures to Request Donations Online).
  5. Fundraising activities should impact students’ education such as support for participation in extracurricular and enrichment activities.
  6. Fundraising activities shall not interrupt instructional time.
  7. Door-to-door sales by students shall be to friends, family, and neighbors with adult guidance.
  8. Grand Island Public Schools students will not participate in or be present at any fundraiser that involves the sale or promotion of alcohol or tobacco.
  9. All funds raised in school-sponsored fundraising activities are public funds and are to be used for the benefit of students and school programs or activities.
  10. Administration and staff responsible for the supervision of school-sponsored fundraising activities shall ensure that district policy and guidelines for handling and depositing funds are strictly followed.
  11. Materials purchased with funds from school or district sponsored fundraising events become the property of Grand Island Public Schools.
  12. Staff shall refrain from using their position of influence to profit commercially or benefit personally from fundraising.
  13. Organizations such as booster clubs shall coordinate fundraising activities with the building administrator, activities director, or use the GIPS Foundation online funding platform.
  14. Any use of fundraising money or donated goods for capital improvement or furniture expenditures need to have the superintendent’s or designee’s approval prior to a decision to proceed with the project and must conform to district-wide equipment specifications or guidelines.
  15. The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation office shall be contacted before any solicitation that involves a business or foundation.
  16. Direct donations of materials, goods, or services from businesses or corporations in excess of $250 per occurrence must be made directly to the Grand Island Public Schools Education Foundation. The Foundation will issue receipts suitable for tax purposes to businesses or corporations that make such donations.



                              4630 GRAND ISLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOUNDATION


Policy Adopted: 11.03.1997

Policy Revised: 11.14.2013

Policy Revised: 10.13.2016


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