9220 Reports To The Public

In accordance with the Nebraska Department of Education Rule 10–Regulations and Procedures for the Accreditation of Schools, the Grand Island Public Schools will demonstrate accountability to the residents of the Grand Island school community. Staff will annually assess and report student progress toward accomplishment of academic content standards. Individual scores are kept confidential. Results are used to plan and make needed changes to improve instruction for all students.

As prescribed by Rule 10, such reports will include:

  1. School system improvement goals and progress;
  2. School system demographics;
  3. Financial information; and
  4. Information on students with disabilities as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004.


References: Title 92, NAC, Chapter 10, §010.01A-010.01B – Rule 10 Accreditation of Schools

                      Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (20 U.S.C. 1400 et seq.)


Policy Adopted: 5-3-99

Policy Revised: 04.11.2013


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