8820 Student Fees

The Grand Island Public Schools realizes some activities may require additional expenditures which are properly to be borne by students as a separate charge. Such charges may be waived as specified below depending upon the student's eligibility for the free and reduced-price lunch program. No fees, specialized or non-specialized attire or equipment shall be required of students outside this policy. This policy does not apply to tuition payments by nonresident students.

For the purposes of this policy, the following definitions shall apply:

  1. Extracurricular activities means student activities or organizations which are supervised or administered by the school district, which do not count toward graduation or advancement between grades, and in which participation is not otherwise required by the school district;
  2. Post secondary education costs means tuition and other fees associated with obtaining credit from a post secondary educational institution.

The district may charge student fees or require students to provide specialized equipment or attire in the following areas:

  1. Participation in extracurricular activities, including extracurricular music courses;
  2. Admission fees and transportation charges for spectators attending extracurricular activities;
  3. Post-secondary education costs, limited to tuition, books, and fees associated with obtaining credits from the post-secondary institution;
  4. Transportation fees for option students not qualifying for free lunches and nonresident students as allowed by state statute;
  5. Copies of student files or records as allowed by state statute;
  6. Reimbursement to the district for property lost or damaged by the student;
  7. Before-and-after-school or pre-kindergarten services in accordance with state statute;
  8. Summer school or night school;
  9. Breakfast and lunch programs;
  10. Minor personal or consumable items for specific courses and activities, including, but not limited to, pencils, paper, pens, erasers, and notebooks;
  11. Non-specialized attire meeting general written guidelines for specified courses and activities if the written guidelines are reasonably related to the course or activity; and
  12. Materials required for course projects where the project becomes the property of the student upon completion.

The Grand Island Public Schools may also require students to furnish musical instruments for participation in optional music course that are not extracurricular activities. Students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunches shall be provided with a musical instrument of the school’s choice.

Waivers shall be provided to students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunches for fees, specialized equipment, and specialized attire required for participation in extracurricular activities. Student fees, supplies, and attire may be waived in whole or part under the following circumstances:

  1. A student is identified as being homeless.
  2. Upon the Principal or Assistant Principal’s professional recommendation, based upon the students’ or families’ ability to pay as determined under a reasonable and prudent person standard.

The superintendent or designee shall establish a Student Fee Fund and ensure that funds collected as fees for the following purposes are properly recorded and deposited to it:

  • Participation in extracurricular activities;
  • Post secondary education costs; and
  • Summer school or night school.

The superintendent or designee shall publicize regulations outlining the purposes for which fees in these three areas are collected and shall ensure such fees are spent for those purposes.

The superintendent or designee shall publicize regulations annually in the student handbook authorizing and governing:

  • Any non-specialized clothing required for specified courses and activities;
  • Any personal or consumable items a student will be required to furnish for specified courses and activities;
    • Teachers may request students to furnish minor personal consumable items, including but not limited to, pencils, paper, pens, erasers and notebooks, for courses and activities which count for graduation or advancement between grades, or in which participation is otherwise required by the Grand Island Public Schools. The request for such items shall be made in such a way that it is clear the furnishing of the same is voluntary. If a student is unable to provide the minor personal consumable item required, the school will supply the item to the student.
  • Any materials required for course projects if the project becomes the property of the student upon completion; and
  • Any specialized equipment or specialized attire which a student will be required to provide for any extracurricular activity, including extracurricular music courses.

The superintendent or designee shall publicize regulations authorizing and governing the following areas:

  1. All fees to be collected within items one through nine of the third paragraph of this policy;
  2. Any other types of specialized equipment or attire to be provided by all students in the numbered areas of the third paragraph of this policy;
  3. Procedures and forms for students or parent/guardians to apply for waivers under this policy;
  4. Deadlines for waivers for all types of fees;
  5. Procedures for allowing facilities used for NSAA District events to avoid conflict with this policy;
  6. Procedures to avoid the direct handling of fees for students receiving post secondary education credits;
  7. Procedures for handling of fees related to summer school or night school;
  8. Attendance requirements and procedures in connection with evening, weekend or summer use of facilities related to all extracurricular activities to avoid conflict with this policy;
  9. Procedures for admitting students on waiver to extracurricular activities; and
  10. Procedures for transportation of student spectators to extracurricular activities and collection of any related fees.

This policy will be reviewed and re-adopted annually by August 1 at a regular or special meeting of the board. This shall include a review of the amount of money collected under this policy and the use of waivers as provided by this policy. The policy shall be published in the student handbook provided at no cost to each student.

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Grand Island Board of Education Policies:
8411 Fines for Lost or Damaged Items
8650 Participation in Extra Curricular Activities
8710 Student Files and Records

Policy Adopted: 7-11-02
Policy Reviewed: 9-18-03
Policy Reviewed: 7-10-04
Policy Reviewed: 7-14-05
Policy Reviewed: 8-10-06
Policy Revised: 05.14.2015 – Public Hearing
Policy Reviewed: 05.12.2016 – Public Hearing
Policy Reviewed: 05.11.2017 - Public Hearing
Policy Reviewed: 06.14.2018 – Public Hearing

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