8720 Pupils' Reports

The Board of Education requires the professional staff to devise and main­tain a variety of reporting methods so that each parent may be apprised of the student's progress in the light of school goals.

The purpose of school reports should be:

  1. To inform parents of the progress made by their children.
  2. To bring parents into closer understanding of the work of the school.
  3. To record for pupils their success or achievement.
  4. To help pupils evaluate their own progress.
  5. To help the student, parents, and teacher work cooperatively for improvement.

To fulfill these purposes, three types of reports are present at varying grade levels in the Grand Island schools.

  1. Conferences with parents are an effective means of reporting to them on the pupil's effort and progress.  The conference should be frank, honest, and constructive.  It should be based on records, samples of work, and observation of the pupil's purposes, abilities, and work habits.
  2. The informal report is a descriptive and diagnostic statement of the individual pupil's progress.
  3. The formal report is a marking system for the purpose of relating scholastic achievement and attendance which provides a basis for the permanent record.

Reporting systems should be consistent from building to building as well as from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Ample opportunity should be provided for positive comments for effective improvements.

Policy Adopted - November 3, 1980
Policy Revised: 5-4-98

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