8680 – Student Organizations

Membership in clubs, societies, or similar groups provides wholesome educational, social, and recreational activities. To guide the professional staff and students in these groups, the following guidelines have been set forth by the Grand Island Public Schools:

  1. School Clubs and Societies will be recognized as authorized school organizations if they are (a) Organized by the school system; (b) Sponsored by school personnel; (c) Composed completely of current student body members; (d) Hold the majority of their meetings at school and during the regular school day; (e) Have an approved plan for the selection of members; (f) Establish aims which are educational, of school interest, or community interest; and (g) Meet all those conditions set forth for recognized school sponsored organizations.
  2. Nonschool Clubs: Other clubs (a) Whose membership is composed for the most part of students from one school; (b) Sponsored by other than school personnel; (c) Meet outside school hours at places other than at school; and (d) Whose aims are other than educational, of school interest, of community interest, are considered to be nonschool clubs and beyond the jurisdiction of school authorities.
  3. Secret Organizations: The Board of Education prohibits the establishment of, or participation in, any secret organization that is in any degree a school organization (Neb.Statute 79-2,101 et seq).

Legal Reference:
Neb.Statute 79-2,101 et seq

Policy Adopted - November 3, 1980
Policy Reviewed: 7-7-97
Policy Revised: 01.15.2018

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