8670 – Student Publications

The Grand Island Public Schools student publications will provide an opportunity for students to observe the operation of a free responsible press in a free society. Care shall be exerted to ensure the accuracy of anything published.  While it is recognized that students represent the primary audience, student publications are also read by and must speak to faculty, administrators, parents, and the community as a whole.

The following items will be withheld from publication:

  • Material considered libelous, malicious, obscene, or profane;
  • Material gained through invasion of privacy;
  • Material which may be interpreted as causing defamation of character or otherwise interferes with the rights and welfare of others;
  • Material that has the effect of creating for a reasonable person an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment; and
  • Copyrighted material where permission to reprint has not been obtained.

8410–Student Conduct

Policy Adopted - November 3, 1980
Policy Revised: 7-7-97
Policy Revised: 11.08.2012

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