8650 – Participation In Extra-Curricular Activities

Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege extended to students by the Grand Island Public Schools. This participation is open to all students and shall be governed by the rules and regulations of the Nebraska Schools Activities Association.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade may not participate in athletic contests between schools within a school system or between school systems. Annual field or play days are excluded from this restriction.

The primary mission and responsibility for each student is to establish a firm academic foundation. A student participating in extracurricular school activities must demonstrate evidence of sincere effort toward scholastic achievement.

Students in seventh and eighth grades may participate in interscholastic competitions subject to and in a manner consistent with the bylaws of the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA).

Students in high school must be enrolled in at least 20 credit hours in the semester of participation and have passed at least 20 semester hours the pervious semester, as per NSAA rules.

All rules regarding participation in extra-curricular activities, clubs, and not sanctioned activities will be included in the Student/Parent Handbook. In the event any restrictions of participation develop, the procedures utilized will follow appropriate constraints of procedural due process.

Legal Reference:
NDE Rule 10.004.02C
Nebraska School Activities Association Middle Level Activities Bylaws, Article 9

Policy Adopted - November 3, 1980
Policy revised:  04.09.2015

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