8620 – Contests For Students

It shall be a general policy of Grand Island Public Schools to deny promotional aide, school time, or faculty assistance to pupil contests, involving essay writing, poster making and other activities, sponsored by organizations outside the school. Exceptions may be made, if in the judgment of the superintendent or designee, a particular contest involves experiences which are closely aligned to and in support of instructional work of the school and which will clearly serve to advance educational aims of the school. The worthiness of the sponsoring agencies cause or the opportunity for the individual to win prizes shall not in itself constitute sufficient reason for exception to the general policy.

Contests or projects, in general, should not interfere with the operation of the regular course of study in classes, or require a teacher to sacrifice much time from the regular program plan for students.

The following statements shall be a guide for determining participation in contests:

  • The primary educational aims of the school and the needs and interests of the pupils must be a consideration at all times.
  • Schools shall not be used to promote private or commercial interests.
  • Schools shall not be used for direct sales promotion of individual competitive bids or services.
  • Consideration shall be given in all cases to protect the student and teachers from unreasonable added work to responsibilities.

Policy Adopted - November 3, 1980
Policy Revised: 5-4-98
Policy Revised: 11.08.2012

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