8550 – Child Abuse/Neglect

When any school employee or volunteer has reasonable cause to believe that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, or observes a student(s) being subject to conditions or circumstances which would result in abuse or neglect, he/she shall report such incident or cause a report to be made as soon as possible to the proper law enforcement agency or to the department (Health and Human Services).

For the purpose of this policy abuse or neglect shall mean knowingly, intentionally, or negligently causing or permitting a minor child to be: (a) Placed in a situation that endangers his or her life or physical or mental health; (b) Cruelly confined or cruelly punished; (c) Deprived of necessary food, clothing, shelter, or care; (d) Left unattended in a motor vehicle if such minor is six years of age or younger; (e) Sexually abused; or (f) Sexually exploited by allowing, encouraging, or forcing such person to solicit for or engage in prostitution, debauchery, public indecency, or obscene or pornographic photography, films or depictions.

Any person making such a report as required by law will be immune from any civil or criminal liability, except for in the case of making maliciously false statements.

Failure to make such a required report, or knowingly releasing confidential information other than permitted by law will result in a Class III misdemeanor.

It is not the responsibility of employees or volunteers to prove that a student has been abused or neglected. Employees or volunteers should not take it upon themselves to investigate the case or contact the family of the student.


Reference: Neb. Rev. Stat. Section 28-710; 28-711


Policy Adopted -November 3, 1980
Policy Revised: 3-2-98
Policy Revised: 2-7-07
Policy Revised: 04.12.2018