8531 – Eye Protective Devices

Teachers, students, and visitors shall be required to wear eye protection devices at all times while participating in or observing the following courses of instruction:

Vocational, technical, industrial arts, chemical, or chemical-physical, involving exposure to:

Hot molten metals or other molten materials;

Milling, sawing, turning, shaping, cutting, grinding, or stamping of any solid materials;

Heat treatment, tempering, or kiln firing of any metal or other materials;

Gas or electric arc welding or other forms of welding processes;

Repair or servicing of any vehicle; or

Caustic or explosive materials; and

Chemical, physical, or combined chemical-physical laboratories involving caustic or explosive materials, hot liquids or solids, injurious radiation, or other hazards not enumerated. (Updated format)


The district will supply eye protection devices as approved by the American National Standards Institute, Inc. for the above-mentioned courses of instruction.


Legal Reference:               Neb. Rev. Stat. 79-715


Policy Adopted: 7-11-02                

Policy Revised: 11.08.2012