8518 - Pregnant or Parenting Students

The Grand Island Public Schools recognizes that pregnant or parenting students have the right and responsibility to attend school. This attendance right and responsibility applies to students regardless of their marital or parental status. The Grand Island Public Schools will educate pregnant or parenting students and will provide reasonable accommodations to support and encourage all pregnant or parenting students to obtain their high school diploma. No student will be excluded from, denied the benefit of, or discriminated against under any educational program or activity because of pregnancy or parenting responsibilities.

Attendance and Leave of Absences:

Pregnant or parenting students will be permitted to attend to their own health care, their child's medical care, or other appointments related to pregnancy or parenting with the benefit of having any such absences or tardiness excused. A student will be permitted to take a leave of absence for pregnancy, childbirth, and any other prenatal and postnatal related medical needs, along with related recovery for the duration that is considered medically necessary by the student's licensed health care provider. At the conclusion of the leave of absence, a student will be immediately enrolled in the district at the same grade and status as when the leave began. Pregnant or parenting students shall be allowed to participate in all activities including extracurricular activities throughout the student's pregnancy and following unless administrators determine such participation poses a significant risk of injury to the student or to others. A pregnant or parenting student may be asked to obtain certification from the student's licensed health care provider regarding the student's safe participation in an extracurricular activity when such certification may be required of students for other conditions which require the attention of a licensed health care provider.

Any absences accumulated due to pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, or care for an ill child, should not count towards any district policies in effect under compulsory attendance requirements. Pregnant or parenting students with excused absences or tardiness shall be treated like all other students with excused absences or tardiness for any other medical reasons.

Pregnant or parenting students will be provided with assignments, classwork and any additional support needed to help the student keep up with class requirements due to absences related to pregnancy or parenting.

Alternative means to complete course work:

The district will provide at least one alternate method, in addition to traditional classroom instruction to keep pregnant or parenting students in school. Such accommodation(s) may include accessing coursework online, home-based independent study, or at-home tutoring. Alternative methods of instruction or other alternative programs for pregnant or parenting students are voluntary for the student who may elect whether to engage in an alternative method of instruction or the traditional methods of instruction available to their peers. Pregnant or parenting students shall be allowed to attend their regular classrooms and complete regular coursework.


The district will provide reasonable time and space to accommodate lactating students to express breast milk or breastfeed during the school day. Such accommodations will be in a location, other than a bathroom or closet that is private, clean, has an electrical outlet, a chair and is reasonably accessible. Students shall also be provided a food-safe refrigerator to store breast milk.

Child Care:

If in-school child care is not provided, a list of qualified licensed child care providers will be provided when requested by pregnant or parenting students. The list will be updated annually and include providers that participate in the quality rating and improvement system and meet all of the quality rating criteria for at least a step­three rating in keeping with the Step Up to Quality Child Care Act. Nothing in this policy is intended to prohibit or limit any referral for a student or a student's child to an early Head Start program or any other available community resources.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

Pregnant or parenting students have the right to have their health and personal information kept confidential in accordance with law. School staff will make every effort to keep personal information and health records confidential and in compliance with Nebraska and federal law.

Information about students' pregnancies and related conditions will not appear in their cumulative record and will not be used when they are being considered for educational or job opportunities, awards or scholarships.

Other Accommodations:

Pregnant or parenting students are here notified that they may request additional reasonable accommodations to ensure continued participation and enrollment in school. Accommodation requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the building principal. Such accommodations may include but are not limited to: additional frequency allowed for bathroom breaks, additional time allowed in between class periods, a larger desk or additional work space, and adjustments to requirements for physical education as needed.

Bullying and Harassment:

Pregnant or parenting students have the same rights as other students to be free from discrimination, bullying, and harassment. Such school policies are in place and apply to all students.

Policy Dissemination:

This policy will be included in the student handbook and will be available on the district’s website.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Statute 79-2,149 to 79-2,152
79-2,114 to 79-2,124
20 U.S.C. §1681 et seq.
34 C.F.R. §106.40

Policy Adopted:  05.101.2018

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