8460 – Interrogation And Searches

School officials shall cooperate with law enforcement officials in pursuance of their official duties. School officials must, at all times, safeguard the legal rights of any student within the assigned school.

Any peace officer or firefighter, or Health and Human Services Representative, desiring to interview a student when the student is attending school shall inform the administrator of the school the student attends, stating the nature of the inquiry or investigation. Except for cases of suspected child or sexual abuse, it shall be the duty of the administrator to notify the parent or legal guardian of the student before the interview begins, in order that one of such persons can be present if he/she desires.

Any person seeking an interview with a student or students must present credentials and secure permission from the administrator.

If the parent or legal guardian cannot attend the interview the building administrator or designee will be present.

School records will be released to legal authorities only under conditions specified in School District of Grand Island Board Policy 8710–Student Personnel Files and Records, applicable state statute (79-2104), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

All school property including, without limitation, lockers, desks, classrooms, computers, common areas, storage areas, and parking lots are subject to search by school officials. School officials may search students or their property, including personal electronic devices, when there is reasonable suspicion to believe that a student or students possess illegal drugs, weapons or contraband, or such searches are necessary for the health, safety and welfare of the student, other students or staff members are necessary to maintain the educational process. Inspections by dogs for drugs or contraband on school property and of vehicles parked on school parking lots may be conducted at the discretion of the school administration. Drug or contraband detecting dogs may be used in classrooms or common areas when students are not present.

The refusal of a student to consent to a reasonable search and/or to surrender objects or substances found as a result of such search may be grounds for discipline (Refer to Grand Island Board of Education Policy 8450–Student Discipline).

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Policy Revised - Final Reading, April 6, 1987
Policy Revised: 5-4-98
Policy Revised 6-11-09
Policy Revised: 06.12.2014