8430 – Student Appearance

The Grand Island Public Schools endorses the concept that appropriate school attire is conducive to a learning atmosphere. The responsibility for the appearance of the students in the Grand Island Public Schools rests with the parents and students themselves. Apparel must comply with the health and safety codes and not interfere with the educational process. Freedom of expression with respect to apparel will be tolerated only to the point of compromising safety, or communicating, to a reasonable person, an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment. Apparel that advocates tolerance for or advertises controlled or illegal products or substances will not be permitted. Any question concerning appropriate apparel shall be handled on an individual basis by the immediate supervisor, teacher or building administrator.


Legal Reference:               Neb Statute 79-526


Policy Adopted - November 3, 1980

Policy Reviewed 5-5-97

Policy Revised: 4-12-2011