8420 - Student Due Process Rights

It is the right and responsibility of both school officials and students to develop a functional and orderly procedure through which consideration of student problems and concerns can be discussed and resolved quickly and equitably.

In all matters of complaints the student shall first consult the member of the school staff most immediately affected.  If a timely and agreeable solution is not reached at this level, further appeal may be made to the building level administrator, and hence to the superintendent or appointed representative. It is the goal of the board to resolve student complaints at the organization level in which it occurs.

All students will be afforded due process as guaranteed by constitutional provisions. Complaints involving student suspension, expulsion or mandatory reassignment will follow provisions fo the Student Discipline Act. All other student and parent/guardian complaints are to follow the chain of command as outlined in district policies. Rules for student conduct and appeal procedures will also be published in the student handbook.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by a certified employee, the student and parent/guardian may discuss the matter with the principal with in 10 days of the employee’s decision. If the matter cannot be resolved the by the principal, the student and parent/guardian may discuss it with the superintendent with in 10 days after speaking with the principal.

If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved by the superintendent, the student and parent/guardian may request a hearing with the Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education.

Legal Reference:
Neb Statute 79-268 et seq (NE Student Discipline Act)

Policy Adopted: 11-3-80
Policy Reviewed: 12-01-97
Policy Revised: 4-12-2011

Student/Parent/Guardian Complaint Form