8350 – Permission To Leave School

No staff member shall excuse any student from school prior to the end of the school day, or into any person’s custody, without the direct prior approval and knowledge of the building administrator or their designee. The building administrator shall not excuse a student before the end of the school day without a request for the early dismissal by the student's parent or guardian. Additional precautions may be taken by the school administration appropriate to the age of the students and as needs arise.

Grand Island Senior High juniors and seniors have open lunch privileges with parent or guardian and administrative approval, as presented in the Student Handbook and signed by the parent or guardian. Lunch privileges can be revoked by the parent or guardian or building administration.

Legal reference:                 Neb Statute         79-201 et seq.


Policy Adopted - November 3,1980

Policy Reviewed: 2-17-97

Policy Revised:  03.12.2012